Our Learning Facility

The Matrix School of Dental Assisting is set up just like a dental office with all the tools and equipment found in a dental practice.  read more

Why Choose Matrix?

The Matrix School of Dental Assisting was founded to offer New Mexico job seekers an affordable training option within a manageble timeframe. The concept works so well that  read more

DANB Test Preparation

  • DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam Preparation - The first most important credential that you need to become employed  ​read more


Founded in 2011

www.danb.org - The Dental Assisting National Board Website - Find the answer to all of your questions concerning Dental Assistant credentialing here:

Exam Applications and prerequisites

State by State requirements

Helpful exam preparation resources

Maintenance of your DANB certification

and more!

www.rld.state.nm.us/boards/dental_health_care_forms_and_applications.aspx - Here you will find the forms that you need for your license application(s) to the New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care:

            Application for Pit and Fissure

            Application for Radiography

            Application for Rubber Cup Coronal Polishing/Topical Fluoride

            Dental Assistant Jurisprudence Exam

            Dental Assisting Rules

            Dental Assistant Renewal Form