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The Matrix School of Dental Assisting is set up just like a dental office with all the tools and equipment found in a dental practice.  read more

Why Choose Matrix?

The Matrix School of Dental Assisting was founded to offer New Mexico job seekers an affordable training option within a manageble timeframe. The concept works so well that  read more

DANB Test Preparation

  • DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam Preparation - The first most important credential that you need to become employed  ​read more


Founded in 2011

​​​​​Why Choose Matrix?


The Matrix School of Dental Assisting was founded to offer New Mexico job seekers an affordable training option within a manageable time frame. The concept works so well that more than one Dentist in Albuquerque has opened their own school with a similar curriculum! We started teaching in 2011 and are now almost through our sixth year.

Don't be misled by claims from a new school that looking over the doctors shoulder qualifies as hands on experience. Hands on training here starts on day one, familiarizing students with the many instruments and pieces of equipment that are a part of dentistry. Every class session starts with a bit of lecture then students spend the rest of the time handling equipment, instruments and supplies as they become familiar with the procedures being taught. During your internship, after you are prepared, you'll begin to assist the many Dentist's that we work with in actual patient procedures.

Teaching Dental Assisting is all we do here at Matrix. Most of our students are referrals from former students and the many Dentists, Dental Assistants, and other dental professionals that we have worked with for years. We are proud of our school and the many students who have placed their trust in us. Some of the best assistants in New Mexico got their start at the Matrix School of Dental Assisting!


Matrix students learn to take digital radiographs on state-of-the-art x-ray machines, as well as analog film development. In New Mexico it is illegal for students to take x-rays on live patients until they are licensed by the state in the Expanded Function of Dental Radiography; all legitimate training programs use mannequins with radiopaque teeth for x-ray training. We also train with the handheld Nomad Dental X-ray Machine.


At Matrix we train our students using Dentrix Practice Management Software, the market leading dental software solution. 


Most lectures at Matrix are given personally by our Director, Cherri Smith, whose 20 plus years experience qualify her not only to teach Dental Assisting, but to teach you how to successfully relate to Dentists and their other employees. Occasionally, we will have guest lectures depending on the topic. Past lectures have included Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Laboratory Technicians. For our labs we typically have from one to three additional instructors so that students can learn one-on-one as needed. We are also open during the day for students to practice taking x-rays or to enjoy some personal tutoring.


Have you wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like? With our interoral cameras, students can take pictures of their own teeth to encourage  awareness of their own dental needs. Most dentists offer their employees and families discounted dental care, a HUGE benefit of working in the field.